Design Revealed for Audi for House of Progress at Milan Design Week

  • Audi returns to Milan with its creative hub from 15 to 28 April at the spaces of the Portrait Milano in Corso Venezia 11 as part of the exhibition-event INTERNI CROSS VISION
  • Audi Q6 e-tron world premiere to the public in the Quadrilateral Square
  • Reflaction, installation of the BIG architecture studio, at the center of the Audi vision and a meeting place between community, knowledge, performance and technology
  • The Brand of the four rings co-producer together with Interior of the Fuorisalone
  • The State University and Via Montenapoleone the additional touch points of the Audi presence

[source: Audi Italia, translation by Apple and Google]

For over 10 years, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Audi has been giving voice to technologies and visions that anticipate the future and also this year the Brand is confirmed at the center of the international event with Audi House of Progress.

From 15 to 28 April, the audience of Design Week will be able to discover and touch Audi inside the House of Progress in the iconic spaces of Portrait Milano, which is part of the Lungarno Collection, owned by the Ferragamo family, one of the venues of the INTERNI CROSS VISION exhibition-event. The location of the four rings, in the heart of the Quadrilateral, will give life to moments of exchange with the ambition to generate new awareness through the comparison of transversal knowledge and explore the future of mobility by giving answers to the needs of tomorrow.

In the spaces of House of Progress, the values of the Brand that are the basis of the brand will take substance and shape its holistic approach to sustainability such as creativity, design, innovation and attention to centrality of the individual. A technical-humanistic approach that goes beyond the solution offered by technology electricity, permeating industrial processes with the aim of eliminating their environmental impact a benefit of the company. A vision that considers cutting-edge technology not the end but the means to improve individual well-being through the application of regenerative techniques to production and innovative solutions for individual and collective safety.

As evidence of Audi’s commitment, the design installation hosted in the Quadrilatero square it was designed for the brand by the international studio BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group with eight offices in

The installation “Reflaction”, a portmanteau of the words reflection and action, is an invitation to reflect on how every action of the individual reflects his being and is the mirror of his existence leaving a trace to future generations. In fact, playing with the effects of reflection and refraction, two high walls mirrored intersect symmetrically, dividing the center of Portrait’s square into four Milan.

Observed from an aerial perspective, the installation in fact takes the form of a plus sign, rather than not it only means “more” in the arithmetic sense, but it also contains a programmatic representation. Using a minimalist selection of elements, the area has been divided into four distinct sections, which embody the four thematic cornerstones of the exhibition by symbolically taking up the four rings of Audi logo.

Almost ethereal, the structure multiplies people and objects, creating four spaces for visitors to themFuorisalone who will be able to move freely within the work and live their own experience 2 VGI | U.O. Responsible: VA-5 | Creation Date: 03.21.2024 | Class 9.1 staff interacting with it.

In the “Community” space it will be possible to stop for an exchange of ideas and a moment of relaxation conviviality, and then move on to the “Knowledge” part, a cozy amphitheater that will host meetings and insights. The “Audi Digital Light/Technology” section hosts examples of Audi excellence in the field of lighting engineering, in which the Brand has always played a role pioneering.

Finally, the exhibition space includes the “Performance” area, where you can learn about it for the first time live new Audi Q6 e-tron, in the sporty SQ6 version, world premiere to the public. Before electric produced in Ingolstadt and certified carbon neutral, a new expression of Vorsprung (Avant-garde), testifies to the innovative capacity of the Brand and its commitment to giving shape to a mobility aware of the environment in which man confirms himself as central. Audi Q6 e-tron is in fact the first production car from the brand with the four rings to follow the new stylistic approach introduced from the concept of the sphere series, which starts from the inside out in the development of the car. The in fact, the new design process is based first and foremost on the definition of the lines and characteristics of the space around the passengers and only later of the shapes of the bodywork.

Furthermore, the electron SUV sets itself as a point of reference in the category for autonomy, up to 625
km, and charging power, up to 270 kW, which allows you to recharge up to 255 kilometers of travel
in ten minutes. Records which are accompanied by sophisticated dynamic performances, the marked
digitalization of which the voice control managed by artificial intelligence and the passenger compartment are emblematic strongly characterized by the innovative “digital stage” with panoramic display.

Audi’s presence also animates MonteNapoleone District, with which Audi has had a solid partnership since 2014, and the University of Milan. In fact, from Corso Venezia the narrative route of the four rings continues in Via Montenapoleone with the reference to “Reflaction”, created in scale, and then continues with a reference to one of the iconic places of the Fuorisalone, the University of Milan, in the context of the CROSS VISION exhibition event by INTERIORS of which Audi is co-producer thanks to over ten years of collaboration. Texts and photos dedicated to Audi’s presence during the Milan Design Week with Audi House of Progress on which will be implemented during construction.

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