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There’s just something about print. While a magazine will never be as fast, multi-media rich or ubiquitous as the internet, there’s a tangibility that simply can’t be replaced. The anticipation you feel when you pull it from the mailbox, or encounter it for the first time on the coffee table at your local Audi dealership… or handing it to friends and loved ones when content about you and your activities are featured inside – there’s a permanence and staying power that the constantly changing internet simply doesn’t offer. There’s a level of attention the reader gives it, sitting back to consume what’s inside. This is quattro Magazine.

This quarterly publication has been a tradition for Audi Club since the earliest days. And what began as a fold-out newsletter, evolved to a print magazine. Over time, while the for-profit print industry has greatly fallen off and aftermarket or corporate-focused Audi-themed print magazines have been shuttered, quattro Magazine has transformed even further into not just a member’s newsletter, but also a world class print-magazine relevant to the entire Audi enthusiast community. Each member of Audi Club North America receives a subscription.

While quattro Magazine has evolved and upped its game over the years in order to cover the space as for-profit print magazines have fallen by the wayside, it does so never having lost site of its purpose – to tell the story of the community. The publication is conceived, written and produced by enthusiasts. Features focus on members of the community, from known personalities to lesser known individual members with an interesting story to tell. There’s also a major focus on Audi enthusiast community activities, be they Audi Club operated events, or gatherings from other non-affiliated clubs, the greater auto enthusiast community and beyond.

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Each member of Audi Club gets a subscription to quattro Magazine, while it is distributed even further via chapters, sponsoring Audi dealerships and businesses and beyond. Members of Audi Club also enjoy access to a full archive of back issues available in the exclusive member’s only virtual library found within this website.

If you’d like to subscribe or get access to the virtual back catalogue, simply join Audi Club North America via the links below. And, if you represent a brand or company that would like to support this important publication, please contact admin@audiclubna.org.

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