Frank Beddor was one in a million. Adventures, daring promotions, philanthropy, and success as an entrepreneur marked his life. He was a water-skier, scuba diver, sky diver, and marathoner. In 1950 Frank rode his Harley from his home in Minnesota 15,000 miles to Ecuador, pulling his Great Dane, Rowdy behind him in a cart. In 1953, he waterskied the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to New Orleans for an 1800-mile record—wearing a Paul Bunyan suit. At age 79, he went hang-gliding in Rio.

In 1984 Frank purchased five Sport quattros, importing the Group B homologated road car into the U.S. for his own purposes. This caught the eye of Audi of America who then encouraged him to form a club for Audi enthusiasts. Then known as the Quattro Club U.S.A., the organization aimed for members “to experience the benefits of quattro all-wheel drive under high-performance driving conditions, learn various safety and performance driving skills and share their enthusiasm for driving Audis.”

Frank was so convinced of the superior handling and capabilities of quattro that he would rent a track and invite family and friends to drive a fleet of quattros he supplied for them. His air for creating memorable events included having Bobby Unser land his twin-engine plane on the straightaway at Brainerd Raceway in Brainerd, MN.

A family atmosphere has been core to Audi Club since the very beginning. The first annual Quattro Club Safety Seminar Autocross was held at the Beddor’s “home track” Brainerd International Raceway in 1986. By the fifth round in 1991, Audi of America had brought journalists who were challenged to take their press cars around the track and just try to keep up with Marilyn Beddor in her Audi V8 (D1). Elsewhere, Hurley Haywood helped consult with the growing ranks of volunteer instructors.

Over time, the club grew to include more and more chapters around the country. Renamed Audi Club North America, it soon encompassed all fifty states and Canada. Membership grew in kind, from about 400 in those early years to about 10,000 today and spread out amongst 32 chapters.

Most recently, Audi Club North America has pivoted to approach the North American Audi enthusiast community even more progressively, creating an infrastructure that is more conducive to welcoming independent clubs and groups that form on digital platforms, offering them defined levels of entry to join the community under the Audi Club tent should they wish to become a recognized organization complete with all of the benefits that come with membership.

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Throughout the decades, the cars and even the technology that drives them have evolved, but Audi Club’s mission of educating owners to maximize their experience at the wheel of their automobile or sharing in their enthusiasm for the Audi brand.