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Audi Club North America is a non-profit partnership of owners and enthusiasts brought together by the shared enthusiasm for the quality, performance, and safety benefits of Audi automobiles. Our education-based mission is to provide unique experiences, continent-wide or abroad, that enhance the enjoyment of owning an Audi automobile. Many events focus on driver safety and education for adults and teens, but also includes fun runs, socials, technical sessions, Audi races, winter driving schools, autocrosses and more. Roughly 10,000 members are united in their automotive passion by participating in events from performance and lifestyle to technology and community.

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Frank Beddor was one in a million. Adventures, daring promotions, philanthropy, and success as an entrepreneur marked his life. He was a water-skier, scuba diver, sky diver, and marathoner. In 1950 Frank rode his Harley from his home in Minnesota to South America, pulling his Great Dane, Rowdy behind him in a cart. In 1953, he waterskied the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to New Orleans for an 1800 mile record—wearing a Paul Bunyan suit. At age 79, he went hang-gliding in Rio.

In 1985 Frank purchased five Sport quattros. This caught the eye of Audi of America who then asked him to form a club for Audi enthusiasts, and the rest is history. Frank was so convinced of the superior handling and capabilities of quattro that he would rent a track and invite family and friends to drive a fleet of quattros he supplied for them. His air for creating memorable events included having Bobby Unser land his twin-engine plane on the straightaway at Brainerd Raceway in Brainerd, MN.

Frank had a soft spot for Audi Club North America and it is his legacy. The club has grown from its humble beginning of 400 members to over 10,000 and in doing so has become the largest club of Audi enthusiasts in the world.


Audi Club North America would like to thank the sponsors who support Audi Club Events and Activities. Without their generous support, Audi Club North America programming simply wouldn’t be possible. If you are interested in becoming an advertiser or sponsor, please contact admin@audiclubna.org.

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