Audi Future Models Roadmap: Introduction

In case it isn’t obvious reading the extra-long list of new model introductions on this blog, the powers that be in Ingolstadt are lining up an avalanche of new product expected to roll out over the next few years. Some are ICE, and some are EV, and all represent a shift into the future for Audi.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the changes… especially with rumors told and retold from many sources. On top of that, there’s chassis, platform and project terminology that tends to be even harder to track.

In order to follow along, we’ve turned to some of the best sources in the industry, including our own contacts, to summarize what is known about plans already in play, as well as projects being considered. In addition to that, we’ve amassed spy photos at our disposal and tapped into A.I. technology to create some illustrative renderings we believe to be representative of what can be expected as these upcoming models come to market.

Over the coming days, we’ll cover different segments of the Audi business, detailing what is known and providing our own analysis. All that being said, it’s also important to remember that this is the stuff of rumor. While we do our best to qualify, not all rumors come true. Heck, not even all plans come true even if voted in the affirmative by the Audi board of management. Things get canceled after being set into motion, so we want to emphasize a margin of error… though even there we’ll do our best to let you know how likely or unlikely a rumor is as part of this analysis.

This series of stories ran as one long multi-page feature in the Q2_2024 issue of Audi Club’s own quattro Magazine. In as much, Audi Club members who receive the magazine have already had access to this information for a few weeks now. If you’d like to join Audi Club to become a member so you too can receive the magazine and other benefits of membership, please join by clicking the membership button above in the navigation bar.

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