Event: Big SoCal Euro 2023

story & photos by: Denis Podmarkov

The West Coast felt decidedly East Coast when it rained on Big SoCal Euro. A lot. But that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the show. You see, there was a silver lining in all those rain clouds as temperatures were cool and indirect sun meant no more blown-out photos and little risk of sunburn.

Rain or no rain, Big SoCal Euro is one of the biggest Euro-focused events in California, with spectators and show cars arriving from multiple states and even countries. It’s always a treat to spot an S3 or SEAT from Mexico in the lineup with other cars. Even still, this isn’t just a Volkswagen Group as it shares the spotlight with all European manufacturers.

The Audi Club tent drew a crowd with a couple special guests. LCE Performance USA brought the first ever American Market ABT Sportsline RS 6-LE with the Dark Olive Green wrap and added body finishes like carbon hood inserts. Thank you to LCE Performance USA, ABT Sportsline for bringing this all the way from Phoenix, AZ. Our other guest in the Audi Club tent was Erin Vogel. Erin, if you missed her in our Q3_2023 Issue (pg. 32 & 33), is no stranger to Audi Club or the track. Erin has been racing professionally since 2009 and was kind enough to take photos with many, signing autographs on cards, magazines and even people’s shirts. She had also brought her family’s Nogaro Blue Audi B5 S4.

Word on the street is that Big SoCal Euro is considering a return to San Diego next year. Whatever the case, there’s no question the community will follow because Lon and the team do an amazing job of making this event bigger and better every year. Audi Club is honored to be a  part of it and to have our own space during the show.

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