Audi House of Progress: The Culture of the Avant-Garde at Milan Design Week

  • Audi present from 15 to 28 April in the spaces of Portrait Milano with its creative hub
  • World premiere to the public of new Audi Q6 e-tron
  • Reflaction, the installation of the Bjarke Ingels Group studio, in the center of the Square of the Quadrilatero with entrance from Corso Venezia 11 made as part of the event exhibition INTERNI Cross Vision
  • Audi Italia co-producer of the Fuorisalone for 11 years
  • Henrik Wenders, Cesar Muntada, Bjarke Ingels, Jakob Lange, Claudia Parzani, Stefano Boeri among the guests of the Audi events
  • From the State University in Montenapoleone District, the Audi presence at Design Week
  • Content and updates on the website

[source: Audi Italia]

Since 2014, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Audi has been giving voice to technologies and visions that anticipate the future and also this year the Brand is confirmed at the center of the international event with Audi House of Progress, the creative hub of the four rings.

Until April 28, the spaces of House of Progress will showcase Audi’s approach to zero mobility emissions which is transforming the Brand into a 360° mobility provider. This is how Audi does it the themes of Milan Design Week 2024 are its own, ranging from sustainability as a commitment concrete in environmental protection, the creation and restoration of a more equitable social ecosystem, thanks to a harmonious technological evolution that supports human needs.

In the city of design par excellence where creativity meets innovation, Audi continues to concretely express its avant-garde attitude with the world premiere to the public of Audi Q6 e-tron, the electron-powered SUV, the new expression of Vorsprung Durch Technik of the Audi brand.

Audi has reconfirmed the Piazza del Quadrilatero di Portrait as the venue for the House of Progress 2024 Milan, hotel of the Lungarno Collection hospitality brand, owned by the Ferragamo family. Thanks to its privileged position and its double entrance from Corso Venezia 11 and via Sant’Andrea 10, the location represents a unique destination that combines history, art, culture and style with technology. Audi House of Progress will be accessible from April 15th to 28th, from 10am to midnight, except temporary closures during invitation-only events.

Reflection, the Installation by the Bjarke Ingels Group Studio

The installation of this edition, created as part of the exhibition-event INTERNI Cross Vision e signed by the international design studio Bjarke Ingels Group, a studio with offices all over the world, yes call “Reflaction”. The name “Reflaction”, portmanteau of “reflection” and “action” is intrinsically linked to concept that our actions in the world reflect the very essence of our existence, conferring further conceptual depth to the installation.

The creation of design is configured as the “plus” symbol seen from above which goes beyond the mere concept of numerical increase to represent, instead, a conceptual manifesto. Through a selection minimalist in elements, the area is divided into four distinct sectors that reflect both principles the fundamental themes of the installation are the rings of the Audi logo. This structure not only physically expands the surrounding space and enhances its architecture, but it also reflects Audi’s commitment to promoting avant-garde through innovative design.

By exploiting the characteristics of light, the mirror installation creates an immersive illusion spatial, highlighting the Brand’s continuous tension in overcoming the limits of innovation. Thanks to mirrored walls measuring 10 x 1.2 x 8.5 metres, the environment is divided into four distinct sectors – Community, Knowledge, Performance and Digital light from Audi. The four spaces offer each a unique but complementary experience and at the same time communicate the illusion of a configuration circular space.

In the Knowledge area, an amphitheater with solid wood steps and chromed steel balustrades it is the meeting point where people come together to share knowledge and discuss. This intimate environment will host thematic talks with AUDI AG experts, encouraging interaction between speakers and the audience, ensuring an inclusive and engaging experience that allows for more connections deep.

In the Digital light area, Audi highlights its cutting edge in terms of technology and design thanks
to the new generation of digital and segmented OLED lights. This innovation opens up new possibilities
in tailor made design and intuitive communication between driver, vehicle and surrounding environment,
highlighting the importance of digitalization in creating engaging light experiences.

Next, in the Community space, a tree-lined courtyard offers refreshment during the frenzy of the days
of the Fuorisalone. A “circular forest” of Japanese maples provides a natural canopy, creating a
welcoming space where people can gather, recharge and relax, united by a sense of
community and connection.

The heart of the installation is the Performance area, where two Audi SQ6 e-trons will be the expression maximum values of the Vorsprung durch Technik Audi. Audi’s commitment to excellence is reflected here: a ring of mirrored cars, created from the reflections, allows you to examine the cars from eight perspectives different, highlighting Audi’s constant research into directions not yet taken.

The world premiere of the Audi Q6 e-tron

Through a combination of innovation, technology, design and digitalisation, the Performance area thus comes to life thanks to the world premiere to the public of the Audi Q6 e-tron, a car that redefines the standard of premium electric mobility.

First series Audi model based on the native electric platform Premium Platform Electric, the SUV electron is the reference point in the category for autonomy, up to 625 km, and charging power, up to 270 kW, which allows you to recharge up to 255 kilometers of travel in ten minutes. Primates which is accompanied by sophisticated dynamic performances, the marked digitalization of which the voice command managed by artificial intelligence and the highly characterized cockpit from the innovative “digital stage” with panoramic display.

Audi co-producer of the Fuorisalone

For the eleventh consecutive year, Audi confirms itself as co-producer of the Fuorisalone, sharing its constant search for themes that bring design and avant-garde into connection with society and its his needs. The common thread of the Interni 2024 exhibition, which attracts visitors from all over the world, is in fact “Cross Vision”, in which research, innovation, experimentation intersect with principles universal standards of sustainability and protection of the places in which to live and inhabit.

By virtue of this partnership, at the State University of Milan, the beating heart of Fuorisalone, a reference to the design installation, signed by BIG, which will allow the visitors to appreciate what has been impressively achieved at House of Progress.

Strengthened by the consolidated collaboration that has linked the Brand to Montenapoleone District since 2014, Audi is present in two points within the Quadrilateral to intercept pedestrian traffic and allow it to fully experience the experience offered by the Reflaction installation at Portrait Milano. This reference was also designed by the BIG studio, thinking of a structure that engages the public in interaction.

The House of Progress schedule

Until April 28th the spaces of Audi House of Progress will host a series of events in-depth study in which the culture of avant-garde, innovation and progress is the protagonist an exchange of ideas that ranges from the philosophical approach to the industrial one, from the sociological one to the entrepreneurial one.

In particular, on the occasion of Audi Night, on 15 April, Henrik Wenders (Head of Brand AUDI AG) with Bjarke Ingels (founder and director of the BIG studio), Mattijs Van Tuijl (Interior designer of Audi Q6 e-tron) and Cesar Muntada (Head of AUDI AG Light design) will discuss the future of design and will present highlights of the new electron model Audi Q6 e-tron.

Following this, Audi will be the spokesperson for a transversal dialogue inspired by the urgent reflection on meaning of our actions, past and future ones. The talk will involve Claudia Parzani, President of the Italian Stock Exchange and Stefano Boeri, architect and urban planner, in discussion with the Director of Audi Italia, Fabrizio Longo, moderated by Omar Schillaci, Deputy Director Deputy SKY TG24.

During the opening period, House of Progress will host numerous speeches in the Knowledge area experts from AUD AG who, in dialogue with qualified speakers, will address topics such as light design and sustainability-circularity. These appointments are open to the public and can be booked by filling out the appropriate form on the page.

The talks will have the following themes and will take place at the following times: “Experience Vorsprung in Light Design” (talk in English with C. Muntada, Head of AUDI AG Light design): Tuesday 16th at 2pm and 4pm, Wednesday 17th at 11am and 2pm “We strive to close the circle” (talk in English with P. Eder, Program Manager for Circular Economy in the Supply Chain, AUDI AG): Friday 19th at 10am and 12pm “Voices of a We Generation” (talk in collaboration with H-Farm): Tuesday 23rd at 11am and 2pm

Audi House of Progress online

The story of Audi House of Progress will live on through photos and videos on the website

In addition to myAudi, it will be possible to follow all the updates on the official social channels of Audi Italia:
Facebook: @AudiIT
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