Video of the Day: Audi RS 3 vs Audi RS 3 vs Audi RS 3

words: Bill, photo: carwow

No, my fingers didn’t stutter while typing out the title. Mat Watson from carwow loves pitting Audi against other OEMs but this time, he brought all three generations of the RS 3. He couldn’t get his hands on a MK III hatchback so the sedan version would have to do. So how do they stack up against one another? They all have the 2.5L 5-cylinder but the MK I has 340 hp/354 lb-ft and weighs 3,472 lbs, the MK II has 400 hp/360 lb-ft and weighs 3,329 lbs, and the MK III 400 hp/369 lb-ft and weighs 3,472 lbs. Will new beat old? I think the real competition will be between the MK III and the MK II.

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Watch the excitement below.

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