Unfair Advantage Podcast: e-tron EV Roadtrip, Driving to Vermont for Avantoberfest in Project e-tron

quattro Magazine editor George Achorn and Audi Club events manager Bill Cho recount their experience on their e-tron Roadtrip as they return from Avantoberfest in Vermont and electrically motor back to home base. They chat roadtrip, Avantoberfest and go for a deep dive on day-to-day electric car ownership.

Apologies in advance. Since we were recording mobile from the e-tron, we were trying a new recording configuration. Bill Cho’s microphone doesn’t appear to have been working so we’ve tried to compensate by dialing up his portions of audio. Even still, we found the conversation to be valuable for those considering electric cars and so we wanted to make this available despite the low audio quality.

Watch it below, or find it on these Podcast Channels. Apple | Amazon | Spotify | Google

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