Throwback Thursday: 1972 Audi Lineup Created in AI

There’s no doubt that AI is changing the creative landscape on fundamental levels. We’ve embraced the new technology, using it for quick renderings of spy photos like our next-generation A8 rumors summary published earlier this week. It seems the visual possibilities of AI are only limited by your imagination, and so we’ve been having fun thinking of different ways to entertain around the shared Audi passion.

Playing on the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag theme, we decided to explore what early 70s Audi models may have looked like had the brand not been in the infancy of its modern rebirth. Higher performance models like a V8-powered 100 Coupé RS, a 200 RS (S8), or a re-birth of TT far earlier than the TT Mk1 we know of, more robust off-road variants like an allroad or performance SUVs like an SQ7 or RS Q8 are definitely fun to imagine.

Worth mentioning, these are AI designed (and shared on the @4Rings.AI Instagram account). The general images are created by AI so will vary from existing Audi models in some key ways, or they deviate in ways that may not look exactly right (note the S10 Blazer style headlights on the yellow SQ7). Sometimes some details are cleaned up in photoshop to better match what we know.

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