Talia Pakkala, Audi Club Events & Sponsorship Director, Talks Vintage to Voltage, European Travel Experiences, Chick-fil-A & Sake

Audi Club is about to hold Vintage to Voltage Philadelphia, an event that celebrates the history of Audi and technology, bridging the past to the future in a celebration of all Audi models. We caught up with Talia Pakkala, Audi Club’s Director of Events & Sponsorship to talk about the plan for this new event format, the details of what will surely be an unforgettable weekend including Radwood Philly, and one  you can sign up for at the time of this publishing. We also catch up on her recent trip to Germany and what that means for future European experiences for Audi Club… not to mention Chick-fil-A, Sake and other interesting subjects. Check out more information on Vintage to Voltage and sign up to take part via THIS LINK.

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