Stacey Rusch, Spouse of AoA Senior VP Thiemo Rusch, Joins Cast of Real Housewives of Potomac

How you may have heard of the Rusch family likely depends upon your interests. Thiemo Rusch is Audi of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales Operations, a position he’s held since 2020 though he’s been with Audi since 2002 when he went to work for Audi AG. Stacey Rusch is a former host of the QVC home shopping network, and she’s just recently joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Potomac for that series’ ninth season.

It’s rare that you have this sort of interaction between the entertainment world and Audi’s executive suite. Yes, Audi isn’t new to celebrity ambassadors, but Stacey Rusch is more like part of the Audi of America family… quite literally.

As it was told on Fox 5 where Stacey also formerly worked (and via The Sun where who reported this story), the pair met on a plane from Miami to Detroit, then got married back in 2007. In that time, the two have both worked their way up the ladders of their chosen career paths.

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