Spy Photo: Porsche Macan EV Drops Camo

Porsche did not only reveal the 911 S/T today but they also almost revealed the new electric Macan.

We spotted a Macan EV going out for some testing with a major camo drop giving away most of the car’s lines and details. As we can see, most of the camouflage has been dropped with only minor places still covered such as some foil over the headlights, the rear lights, and also the outer corners on the rear bumper, just under the rear lights, still has some camo probably hiding some air outlets. And the fake exhaust pipes are also gone.

Sadly the bad weather and rain made it somehow more difficult to get some decent shots. But it’s nice to see the electric Macan in this light stage of camouflage since that means we are getting closer to the official debut.

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