Spy Photo: Audi RS 6 Avant Audi sport

Audi Sport is working on a hotter version of the RS 6 Avant, possible as a final good bye. This more hardcore model looks even meaner than the “regular” RS 6 Avant and has a different front bumper with a lower lip, fender vents and a bigger rear spoiler that we almost could call a wing. The big oval exhaust pipes are still there but the rear bumper around them including the diffusor looks re-designed. We can also see some of the Audi Sport stripes on the rear doors of this white prototype.

Power will also increase with this beast delivering at least 650 horsepower. Remember the RS 6 Performance already has 621 so this Audi Sport model will be something really extra. Perhaps we will also see some less weight since there is a chance that the front fenders are made of carbon fiber. Of course, suspension and brakes are also tweaked a bit for this version.

Expect a debut in 2024.

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