Spy Photo: Audi Q7 Mule

Audi is currently working on a second refresh for the big Q7 after the first one in 2019. The updated Q7 is said to reach the dealers in the first half of 2024 so a debut is likely not far away. But Audi has also already started to work on the next generation Q7 which most likely will be one of the last ICE powered models coming from the Ingolstadt brand.

We spotted this mule testing in the Alps and of course being a mule, it doesn’t give away anything of the design and looks of the production model. A mule like this is basically a way to test the new platform under an old body. But we can see slightly wider fenders and a modified front fascia in order to test cooling.

The next and third generation of the Q7 will come with a range of engine options including both mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. And it could spawn an even bigger Q9 model aimed for the US and Chinese market. Dealers in the US have reportedly been told the Q9 will come.

With some luck the production version of the new Q7 will appear in prototype shape during the next 6 months and the debut could come at the end of 2025.

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