Secret Audi Skorpion R18 Road Car Design Study from Early 2010s Turns up at August Horch Museum

Every once in awhile, Audi Tradition sneaks out a car that even the most knowledgable Audi aficionados likely have never seen before. The team in Audi’s historical department, which maintains Audi’s vintage fleet, are known to roll an obscure and never seen car subtly into a museum display… just as they appear to have done with a new display at the August Horch Museum in Zwickau, Germany. The car in question is a proposal for a street version of the legendary R18 Le Mans car.

Here’s what they shared on social media as  highlight to their employees where each team member chooses their favorite car in the museum. Museum staffer Samatha Pilarzeck casually chose what’s referred to as the “Skorpion”. The post states:

“Between 2010 and 2013, Audi developed the Skorpion, a sports car concept above the Audi R8. Externally, the references are to the successful R18 e-tron quattro racecar. The aerodynamic concept, on the other hand, is based on the Audi DTM racing car. You can clearly see the particularly streamlined passenger cell, which is intended to ensure the most ideal airflow possible. In addition, the aerodynamic concept adapts adaptively to the respective track situation with the lowest possible air resistance at top speed and maximum downforce when braking and cornering. Unfortunately, development didn’t continue and the vehicle remains only a design study.

Technical parameters of the project:
Efficient, light and powerful engine (various diesel or gasoline engines in the power range of 400-550 HP are conceivable).
Alternatively, there is also a design for electric motors and combustion engines, drive: all-wheel drive or rear.
Loan: Audi AG, Ingolstadt

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