Red Audi RS 6 GT Spied in Real World

No doubt one of the most hotly discussed and anticipated new models from Audi has to be the RS 6 GT Avant. Audi grabbed plenty of views on the car when it launched its heritage-focused striped prototype via PR channels, and just three color options on their web configurator. However, talk of owner specified builds (at least for Europe) did come up in that launch process, so we’re wondering about the potential when we see photos like the red one spied recently in an Audi Ingolstadt parking garage and posted by @Audi.pix on Instagram.

Beyond what we can see, we don’t know much about the car. We’ve confirmed with @audi.pix that it is in Ingolstadt, and it appears as if it may be in the underground parking garage at the Audi Forum. That space can be used by guests, but it’s also used by various departments and executives for fleet cars. Typically, we tend to see higher-visibility new cars such as this on the Piazza outside building A50 where the board entrance is. All that said, we’re making assumptions, as we don’t know more than “parking garage in Ingolstadt” and there are a lot of parking garages in Ingolstadt… even if we narrow it down to just the factory complex.

So, let’s focus on the car. It appears to be a darker red… perhaps a darker one than the current Tango Red offering, possibly harkening the darker Amulet Red of the B6/Mk1 TT era, but we’re guessing Tango. Additionally, the car has black wheels. Crucially, there not the new Avus wheels that have been shown on all other images or materials of the GT. Instead, they are the 5-spoke design the USA offers on the RS 7, and other markets offer as an option on RS 6.

That’s about all we can tell you about this car. We’re guessing it’s being driven by a senior executive since tailored builds of cars not out just yet tends to be the rare air where only the most senior executives tend to play. Whatever the case, the person who chose to build it this way certainly has good taste.

Make sure to check out @audi.pix on Instagram. This individual appears to be a local to Audi and has a keen eye for catching cool builds in and around Audi’s factory facilities in Germany.

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