Q9 Test Mules Spied Wearing Q7 Bodywork

Check out this interesting mule spied testing by our photographers during cold weather testing. We’ve known Audi plans a larger internal combustion-based SUV above Q7 for awhile now, and this mule certainly seems to be it.

But it looks like a Q7 you say? That’s true. This wouldn’t be the first time Audi puts older bodywork on a newer chassis mule so as to test components without giving away much of the car’s design. That’ll come later. For now, we can see that this mule has an even longer wheelbase than the Q7 as you can see with the area added between the doors in order to extend the bodywork to fit the Q9’s length.

Interestingly, this likely also confirms that the Q9 may not have a wider track than the Q7. In the past, we’ve seen wider track cars with similarly added appendages such as fender flares. This mule has none, leading us to believe Audi will stick with the Q7’s width even if the Q9 is longer.

See more photos below.

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