More Facelifted SQ7 Photos, Including Audi exclusive + Video

Yesterday Audi dropped the first images and details of the upcoming facelifted Q7 and SQ7 models (find that HERE). In the time since, we’ve dug up some new information on the Q7 and SQ7 for those seeking to know more. Here’s what we found.

This Exterior Design Animation from Audi shows design details, including light animation and other subtle cues you may have missed perusing press photos.

Next up, Audi Deutschland has already taken live their Q7 and SQ7 model pages. The Q7 TFSI e Hybrid remains without update at this time, but you can find the Q7 and SQ7 model pages live and in German so you’ll need to use Google Translate or the like if you wish to read them in English just yet. Unfortunately, the configurator for these models hasn’t yet gone live.

One highlight we noticed was an Audi exclusive focus on the SQ7 page. Here, the car is shown in a purple paint color with white leather. While the exterior shot is likely photoshopped to change the color, it’s still cool seeing the new SQ7 in a more exotic color combination.

More photos of the SQ7 can be seen below. Check ou the Q7 and SQ7 model pages for even more photos and information.

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