HRE with Incredible 515 GTM Wheel x RS 6 + Sport quattro Photo Shoot

California-based HRE Wheels grabbed our attention recently with a photos set that combines their latest Vintage GT Series wheels, notably the 515 GTM design, with Audi Sport models new and old – a current-generation RS 6 Avant and a vintage 1984 Sport quattro.

Here’s what we know. The 515 GTM is one design in a series of retro-style wheels meant to darken classic wheel designs and paired with a turbo fan aesthetic. In the case of the GTM, this means the “spider web” appearance of classic Lancia Delta Integrale wheels. However, it’s the turbo fan nature of the wheel that grabbed us.

Audi definitely has a history with great-looking turbo fan wheels. Ingolstadt first started using BBS wheels with turbo fans imprinted with BBS style mesh pattern on them during the quattro A2 rally era. Concave yet flat turbofans returned in the Trans-Am and IMSA GTO eras, wearing simple “Audi” and “quattro” labels. Given the racing pedigree, the look pays tribute to an iconic era.

So does the white coloring of the 515 GTM wheels fitted on these two cars.

Check out more on these wheels over at HRE’s website.

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