How fast is Ken Block’s all-electric Audi RS e-tron GT? Speed tests for science!

We already know the Audi RS e-tron GT is the fastest RS badged production car on earth, but how fast is that?? Lets throw on our scumbag lab-coats (really really nice Hoonigan jackets) and run a few tests! The e-tron GT producing 637 horsepower and 612 torque INSTANTLY, so I think we should find out how it does from 0-60mph, 0-100mph-0, AND 0-33mph in REVERSE (for science). What’s the fun in doing all this testing alone though? This time around I get the whole production crew involved to see how they feel about EV power. More science, more better..? Enjoy episode 2 of 6 dedicated to my Audi RS e-tron GT daily driver project!

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