Here’s What We Know About the North American Market RS 6 Avant GT

Audi definitely got our attention with the RS 6 Avant GT revealed earlier today. As with any new launch though, the key is in the details… especially the details of how the car arrives when it comes to the North American Region market. Fortunately, we were able to attend the press presentation and were able to glean a few details… specifically how the RS 6 GT comes to market.

First off, What is “GT”?

Audi first started working with the “GT” badge back in the 1980s when it launched the first Coupe GT, a more cost-effective and front-wheel drive version of the quattro. By the time the first-generation R8 GT arrived in 2011, the nomenclature now denoted the most exotic and exclusive performance version of the R8 Mk1 before sending it off to mid-lifecycle facelift. They did it again for the Mk2 R8 in 2023 as a celebration of the car’s finale.

Audi defines GT a little more specifically now, stating it stands for “limited exclusive cars, unique design, outstanding performance and exclusivity”. Here again, it’s sending off the long-run of the RS 6 Avant… at least the internal combustion engine RS 6 Avant with this special model inspired by the 1989 90 IMSA GTO and 2020 RS 6 GTO concept.

Is It Coming to the USA?

Most definitely, yes. Expect it to launch this summer, sold as a MY2025. There will be some market-specific changes. These include:

  • United States won’t get “bucket seats” but rather the RS 6 Avant performance standard seats with Red/Copper stitching
  • A power panoramic sunroof is standard
  • Limited production to just 85 units (7 for Canada), all painted in Arkona White with exclusive heritage decals
  • Strong exterior and interior differentiation from the performance version
  • Completely new front end with new carbon fiber hood, exposed carbon fiber on the hood openings
  • New carbon fiber fenders, rear/front bumper, roof edge spoiler and GT-specific roof spoiler without roof rails
  • Exclusive heritage decals (black, red, gray)
  • Exclusive 22” wheels in legendary (white) Avus design
  • The manually adjustable coilover suspension lowers the RS 6 Avant GT (a first offer for the RS 6 Avant) another 10 millimeters compared with the RS sport suspension with Dynamic Ride Control.
  • Ceramic brakes with red painted calipers with 190 mph top speed

When Will it Arrive?

We’re hearing it will arrive this year… possibly as soon as July or August. Given it will be a MY2025 car, we believe that’s about the soonest it might show up. Here again, Audi of America isn’t saying just yet. That Audi Tradition has shipped a 90 IMSA GTO over to America for some events this year isn’t lost on us.

How Much Will it Cost?

This hasn’t been revealed. Those watching the European market numbers and doing the conversion are estimating $235,000 (US) and that probably isn’t far off. A highly specced RS 6 performance today pushes over $150,000 (US). Throw in a comprehensive body kit and upgrade treatment like the sort of thing you see from ABT Sportsline and you’re probably in the same neighborhood as these estimates. Further, knowing what we know of the special parts being installed on the GT, this really wouldn’t surprise us.

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