Gallery: Audi S1 Hoonitron x Dindo Capello x Willow Springs Raceway

The Q2_2024 issue of quattro Magazine has gone to print, meaning it’s set to land in the next few weeks at members’ doorsteps. In the pages of that issue is our recount of tailing Ken Block’s Audi S1 Hoonitron around Los Angeles, from the premiere of Electrikhana 2 to a dynamic display of the car at Willow Springs Raceway with Audi motorsport legend Dindo Capello at the wheel.

Audi shared that today marks 30 years since Dindo Capello made his racing debut with Audi Sport. He began with Audi Sport Italia in the Italian Superturismo Championship, famously campaigning the 80 quattro touring car, then netting the 1996 championship in the B5 A4 touring car before moving on to Le Mans and prototype racing where he enjoyed two victories at Le Mans and five victories at the 12 hours of Sebring.

Nowadays, Dindo is partner in the Audi Zentrum Alessandria and still a motorsport ambassador for Audi Sport. As part of that, he’s a favorite for Audi to call when it’s time to take out the S1 Hoonitron for demonstrations like the one we attended in Southern California.

You can read the full story of our experience with the Hoonitron in the upcoming issue of the magazine, and ahead of that (also to celebrate Dindo’s milestone), we wanted to release previously unseen and exclusive photography and video footage from the day.

Denis Podmarkov joined George Achorn at the track, logging hundreds of still photos of the car both stationary and in drifting action. In the meantime, the footage added to our YouTube channel was simply what we were able to net while Dindo practiced and wore through several sets of Toyo tires. We hop you enjoy the mix, and watch for the rest of the story in the pages of quattro Magazine.

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