FOTD: Uber Rare ABT B3 Widebody Barn Find in Switzerland

While well-loved by those who know, the B3 era isn’t a car that tends to be the most collectible. Sure, there was the S2 Coupe in Europe and by association (and thanks in part to Brian Scotto) the Coupe quattro gets love. The sedans though… they almost seem forgotten about by all but the most ardent. So, when we find one that is truly rare or collectible and a barn find no less, we had to draw attention to it.

Even by B3 standards, the car you see here is incredibly obscure. The car appears to be a widebody sedan built by ABT Sportsline in period, and one of 50 according to the seller. It’s not turbocharged, and looks admittedly a little tired, but it appears to be all there and largely unmolested save for a few random decals for Jäegermeister and John Deere.

The car is currently on Facebook Marketplace (LINK HERE), and the ad isn’t in English so we’ve taken the liberty of using Facebook’s translation tool in order to share the words of the seller.

Listing text below:

BARN FIND !!!! For sale to the highest bidder …. Very rare Audi 90 Quattro 20V ABT (without turbo), according to an expert, one of 50 built. In Switzerland one of 3 pieces (statement of unknown) Equipment : Air conditioner Seat heating Tempomat Sliding / lifting roof. Fender extensions and front and rear bumper of ABT Schweller on the side. Fox sports exhaust system (very core) The Audi stand now approximately. 12 years in a garage. Condition is good according to its age, however, the standing time has left its marks. Engine was running at first spark. The following shortcomings are known : Brake discs and studs all around Brakes in the back Handbremsseile Rear bumper Grosser Service Various spengler jobs such as front fender or rear bumper. A more detailed list can be displayed upon request. If you are interested, a tour is requested. Test drive not possible because the brakes are defective. Anyone who wants a cool project knows that the car costs a bit to restore, but also gains value because this vehicle is somehow rarely found on Swiss roads and will surely get a thumbs up from one or the other. Apart from that, the extremely core 5 cylinder sound, which can be heard from afar, which has become rather rare nowadays. If you have any questions, I’m happy to be available. 0794886159 Please don’t ask what the last price is or what did you imagine the price. THEY SAY THE PRICE and I say are we going to business or not. Many thanks for your interest.

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