FoTD: Jacques Villenueve’s Former B5 RS 4 Avant on Bring a Trailer

When Former F1 World Champion Jacques Villenueve recently purchased a new Audi exclusive RS 6 Avant, he mentioned an RS 4 Avant he had previously owned. Now, just two weeks later that car, a Goodwood Green B5 RS 4 Avant, has gone up for sale on Bring a Trailer.

We’ve been aware of the car for years. The car had been modified and maintained by 2Bennett Audimotive in Davis, California and had attended Monterey Car Week’s Legends of the Autobahn event. Its current owner had converted it to be more of a track weapon, with modifications seen here to achieve that goal.

More importantly, the car is one of very few B5 Audi RS 4 Avants to come legally into the USA. Though not yet 25 years old, the B5 RS 4 Avant is on NHTSA’s list of importable vehicles. That means it can come in, but key components such as lights need to be changed to US DOT equivalents, the whole process being considerably more costly than importing a car older than 25 years.

Given this, few RS 4s have come into the USA up until now. This one is one of those cars and, we’d argue, is one of the most sought after given its very tasteful (and rare) Goodwood Green paint and of course the former ownership by an F1 champion at a time when his career was still active.

Check out more on the car over at Bring a Trailer HERE. Also, please hurry, because this story goes up with just hours left to bid on the auction.

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