FoTD: Gran Turismo Movie Audi R8 LMS for Sale in Texas

In today’s episode of “You find the most interesting things on Facebook Marketplace“, we head to San Marcos, TX where someone has listed an Audi R8 LMS Evo II GT3 spec racecar that is purported to be actual car used in the Gran Turismo movie released in 2023.

Yes, that movie centered around Nissan and its driving academy, but an R8 LMS did feature into the story and this is apparently that car. The ad reads:

2017 Audi R8, V 10 full race ready track car with full carbon fiber body and many race & performance modifications & sequential transmission. Not street legal. Too much to list. Just got a full performance evaluation from a local race car service center with full evaluation & technical report. Brand new gloss white 3M wrap. Can ship domestic or international. Please DM for more details or any specific questions. $249,500 USD. Thanks!

The seller doesn’t state whether the car had a racing history prior to its starring in Gran Turismo. Given its a GT3 spec racer built in 2017, one would expect it could have competed in any GT3 spec series around the world in the span of time since its construction.

So, if you want to own a piece of film history and Audi racing history, this just may be the car for you. Interested? Find it HERE.

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