Find of the Day: Nogaro Blue B8 A4 Avant Back on Bring a Trailer

This particular Nogaro Blue A4 Avant has a bit of a following. Built to a perfect spec in 2012, it’s bounced around amongst several owner aficionados while picking up some tasteful OEM plus modifications along the way. It’s also only logged about 30,000 miles, helping assure it remains in well kept condition. Even better, it’s just come available (again) on the Bring a Trailer auction site.

The original build was Audi exclusive Nogaro Blue, a Prestige package, S line plus and Sport package. All A4 Avants in this period were fitted with Audi’s 2.0 TFSI 4-cylinder quattros with 8-speed Tiptronic.

Modifications are considerable, but all tastefully done in an OEM plus fashion. These include KW V3 coilovers, B8 RS 4 brake components, 19-inch “rotor” alloy wheels, 034Motorsport chassis cross brace, R8 GT flat-bottom steering wheel and the factory partial perforated Alcantara sport seats that would have come from the factory have been replaced with rare factory partial blue Alcantara seats presumably from an S4 Nogaro Special Edition.

There are some other modifications and details we haven’t listed, so if you’re interested in learning more we’d suggest you click over to Bring a Trailer’s website HERE and take a closer look.

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