Find of the Day: Actual Nogaro Blue S4 in Colorado

Yesterday we ran a Find of the Day that was a used and likely modified S4 that was also an unconfirmed Nogaro Blue. Listed as Navarra Blue, it looked more like Nogaro though could have been something similar. Thanks to the post on our highly informative Facebook Group, we’ve learned not only the actual color of that car, but also that there just happens to be a new 2023 S4 Prestige in Audi exclusive Nogaro Blue at Audi Colorado Springs.

First, a user “Madd Max” (probably totally his real name) on the thread on the Facebook Group pointed out that it likely was Turbo Blue, then shared how to confirm an Audi’s color by calling Audi of America’s customer service directly and providing the VIN. From there they, or any Audi dealer, can confirm for certain what the car’s factory paint designation was. That’s a valuable life hack for Audi exclusive stalkers like us, so thanks to Max for the tip.

Also in the thread was Corey Cononchuk who is on the sales staff at Audi Colorado Springs. As it turns out, they have a Nogaro S4 in inventory and shared that it’s been there long enough that they may be willing to deal. In addition to also confirming the color of our car from yesterday, Corey stated, “If anyone is looking, we have a new 2023 Exclusive Nogaro Blue at Audi Colorado Springs that we’d be happy to lose some money to move along! It was special ordered and the customer ghosted us.”

So, if you’re looking, check in with Corey. Here’s a link directly to the real actual Nogaro Blue S4 they have in inventory.

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