Find of the Day: 1999 Audi S3


We in the States have this [retracted] 25-year import rule so we can only look in envy at Europe and Japan at all the desirable models. Heck, even Canada has to wait for only 15 years. But good things come to those who wait (25 years) like this 1999 Audi S3. We obviously didn’t get the 8L S3 and definitely didn’t get the 8L S3 with this much power. Here’s the ad (translated from German):

Looking for a serious enthusiast who wants to take over this Audi S3 8L from me after owning it for more than 12 years. A lot has been done to this car, including a complete engine rebuild with many upgrades and endless replacements. If you are seriously interested, please contact me and I will be happy to tell you everything about this car.

Those who are keen eyed will notice the HP rating on this S3. When it was introduced in 1999, the S3 stock was 207hp. This one is claimed to be 352hp and it has the dyno sheet to prove it. Also, wait until you see the interior…those alcantara seats are so choice. While there are several 8L S3s in the States, you can finally get one without worrying about the Feds coming to get it. This S3 has 208,500 km (129,555 miles) and is available for €9,750 ($10,619 USD). You can find this 352hp 1999 Audi S3 HERE.

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