Event: Toyo Tires Golden Era Meet

[photos: Denis Podmarkov]

Every November at the SEMA Show, Toyo Tires sends a clear message of authenticity when they take an otherwise uninspiring walkway between show halls and construct a carpeted bridge lined with some of the coolest cars in the event. Shrewdly, they’ve gone a step further by augmenting their lineup a week later at a new ‘80s/’90s era car gathering called Golden Era.

The event is the brainchild of Stan Chen, Toyo Tires’ Senior Manager for Events, Sponsorships and Motorsports. Stan’s a fan of classic DTM touring car racing of that period, a time when the series was rife with Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz tin tops swapping paint. That a DTM-look Mercedes 190 E Cosworth struck a particularly memorable mark at SEMA and now at Golden Era and is owned by Stan should make it pretty obvious… he’s about as authentic in the space as it gets. So is Golden Era.

Given Stan’s cred and Toyo’s support of the German car space, a classic event focused on the ‘80s/’90s era German cars was sure to be a success. It didn’t hurt that Stan extended an invitation to get involved to local L.A.-area car culture players like Period Correct for the event T-shirt, or Leen Customs for special DTM-inspired pins that dropped at the event. Audi Club Southern California was also there to support.

Thanks to Toyo Tires and Stan Chen for creating such a unique and memorable event. We look forward to next year should you decide to make it a tradition. 

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