Eurokracy 2022

By: Ray Reyes

A road trip to a car show is an exciting venture; both opportunities to hit the open road and see new places, while also experiencing the enthusiast world in a less familiar place. For East Coast Audi enthusiasts, Eurokracy is a must-see car event and one that’ll have you traveling to the incredible region around Montreal, Québec. All the better that border passage between the U.S. and Canada is now solidly back to normal.

The event itself is hosted in ICAR Experience in the town of Mirabel, a race field located on the outskirts of the greater Montreal metropolitan area that is one of the biggest sales markets for Audi Canada.  Founded in 2010, Eurokracy is an annual gathering that unites not just Audi enthusiasts but also those of Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes, and more.  This two-day affair is filled with activities and amazing car builds. The show consists of low-car limbo, burnout competition, 1/4 mile drag racing, and full course circuit racing. The main event is “Show & Shine,” where the best of the best, return each year to win an award.

Since its inception, Eurokracy’s organizers have prided themselves on the event being true to the roots of both the European auto enthusiast community and to the people who call Montreal home. Love and passion drive the organizers team to deliver not just a regular car show but a weekend long experience that will leave visitors very satisfied that they made the trip.

Québec-local Unitronic is the title sponsor along with Wheel-Pros featuring Rotiform, Liqui-Moly, plus 30 other vendors. Other vendors came prepared with plenty of merchandise for attendees, helping make for a fun show. Canada-based Unix Performance brought out their 2007 Audi RS 4 Avant imported from UK, a bit of an importation flex since Canadians can import cars at just 15-years following production. 

The crowd attending is a younger one, showing how strong the enthusiast lifestyle is for the Canadian market. Also aiding in drawing a crowd was a dedicated area for car clubs to gather and show off their cars in a group format, clubs like VW Girls, Sunset Drivers Club, and Clean Society appreciated the support. 

Sean Maynard of Rotiform and Rick Di Corpo @airsociety_rick were the judges for the “Show & Shine” and executed the process methodically and with an obvious passion for so many cars that entered the competition.

Overall, Eurokracy was very entertaining, a great event to attend for so many reasons. For the enthusiast, the draw to make this road trip is probably obvious. Even for the non-enthusiast family members though, it definitely shouldn’t be a hard sell to make a three-day weekend of it, including seeing all that Montreal has to offer.

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