Engineering Explained: Why are 2026 F1 Engines Going to Lose So Much Power?

Formula 1 will see a major shake-up in 2026 as it moves to new power units and all new engine regulations. The overhaul will see combustion engine power drop, while the electric motor power will be increase significantly, nearly three times! This will dramatically change the way the vehicles perform, and how teams will develop winning strategies. We’ll discuss the big picture items, like how fuel flow rate will be changing from mass flow to energy flow, how the fuel chemistry will be changing, sustainable fuels, the MGU-K & MGU-H (or lack thereof), the energy allotments per lap, and what this all means for straight line speed. We’ll also look at the newly introduced airflow limits, and discuss the implications this may have on air/fuel ratios.

References: 3.5% = E10 –… 70 kg fuel –… Air Density Calculator –… 2023 F1 Regulations –… 2026 F1 Regulations –… Engineering Explained is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program.

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