Elegend EL1 Ice Celebrates Cold Climate Sport quattro

We continue to be obsessed with the Elegend EL1. Paying obvious homage to the legendary Audi Sport quattro, the EL1 breaks new ground on what it means for a specialty car brand to be relevant to Audi enthusiasts. Whereas niche sportscar manufacturers using internal combustion engines supplied by Audi (Spyker and Donkervoort to name a few), the EL1 simply harks the design and brings it, future-focused, into the EV era. We dug heavily into that when we visited the car at the HOTE design studio not far from Ingolstadt (HERE), and became fans. We’re even more so after seeing this EL1 Ice rendering posted on their Instagram account.

In this case, Ice has nothing to do with internal combustion and everything to do with frozen water. Like the original EL1, the “Ice” version has wheels inspired by period Audi rally cars, and modern touches like those triangular rally lights and rear-mounted ski rack.

If you’re thinking it looks like it belongs at a festival of ice in a remote yet wheel-heeled Swiss ski resort then you’re likely picking up on the intended vibe. The post tags St Moritz, a historic and exclusive ski resort in Switzerland and home to The Ice, The International Concours of Elegance St. Moritz. More on that event HERE.

As for the EL1, no word yet if they plan to build an Ice version of the car. However, this super limited EV sportscar is rapidly moving toward production.

We’ve added photos of the EL1 Ice in our gallery below.

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