Configuring Audi A3 allstreet Makes Us Want One

With the new A3 range having dropped weeks ago, it’s worth noting that they’re all now available on the German market Audi consumer website It’s always interesting to play around in this German-language-only configurator and see what models and option packages that we don’t get are still offered to European customers. One obvious model worth noting here is the A3 Sportback, and also the new A3 allstreet.

What’s an allstreet? Think of it like allroad, but perhaps not quite as hardcore. Audi began using the “allstreet” moniker on the A1 and that’s now expanded to the A3. Think of it like Audi A4 allroad meets Subaru Crosstrek and you wouldn’t be far off. We find ourselves looking at the car, considering how successful the Crosstrek is, and wondering what could have been had Audi of America elected to bring this over instead of the sedan (RS 3 Sportback anyone?).

Digging around the allstreet’s configurator, we do find some interesting bits of kit. For instance, there’s a carbon package with carbon mirrors and rear upper spoiler. There are also great colors beyond the standard color palette, hues that you can spec in the configurator mockups including Goodwood Green, Ipanema Brown, Nimbus Grey, Merlin Purple and Sepang Blue.

We’re not going to lie. We really wish this model were sold in the USA. Yes, we’d rename it “allroad” because allstreet just doesn’t have the same flair. Even still, we have a hard time imagining this wouldn’t be wildly successful here. Too bad it’s so late in the production cycle.

Build your own A3 allstreet HERE.

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