Big SoCal Euro 2022

Twenty years is an impressive feat, particularly if you’re a car show and especially in the post-pandemic world. At a time when mainstream auto shows are on the decline, enthusiast-driven events such as Big SoCal Euro offer a place to gather and share in owner enthusiasm.

2022 marked Big SoCal’s 20th anniversary, and to celebrate Lon Mok and the team behind the event relocated it up the road from its usual San Diego location to Irwindale Speedway just outside of Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, greater proximity to L.A. also meant a big draw.

The resulting size of Big SoCal Euro is something special, and it’s also entirely by design. Beyond the new L.A. home, there are several other key factors. For starters, Big SoCal places importance on inclusion of clubs. A special Audi Fest area is created and hosts any number of owner organizations that center in the SoCal area. This includes Audi Club North America, Audi Group Los Angeles, Audi Club San Diego, SoCal quattros and more. The move has been so successful that the Audi presence has grown to about half of all attendance.

Another key to the event’s success is the attraction of vendors. The substantial mix of companies displaying at Big SoCal is remarkable, reminiscent of large east coast events in their prime.

As for show cars, there’s a wide range. Rows of RS 3s and R8s were clear, with RS 6s, and plenty of B8s and B9s. The dry SoCal weather also assures there’s a collection of well-preserved early cars, including several ur quattros, Brian Scotto’s RS2, Ken Block’s “Turbo Monster” Sport quattro on display with Rotiform and many, many more.

If you’re not familiar with Big SoCal Euro, then what have you been waiting for? It’s been 20 years after all. We’ll pardon you for being late to the party, but you should attend just the same. Events like Big SoCal are proof positive that the owner/enthusiast tuning scene is alive and well.

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