Audi vs. Lancia Movie Changes Name, Announces Release Date

When 2 Win came onto our radar, it was little known but most promising. Set to highlight the rivalry between Audi vs. Lancia in the 1983 WRC season on the silver screen, anticipation was high even if knowledge of the film’s progression towards release was low. Now, in the last week, new developments have been revealed including a new worldwide distributor (Lionsgate), a new release date (January 5, 2024) and a new trailer (see below).

Here’s what we know about the film so far. Made, written and produced by Italians, the story approaches the ’83 early Group B rivalry between Lancia and its then new 037 rally car and Audi Sport with its quattro A2. In particular the story centers on the rivalry between team managers, Cesare Fiorio played by Ricardo Scamarcio and Audi Sport’s Roland Gumpert played by Daniel Brühl. Volker Bruch plays Walter Röhrl, who figures prominently into the trailer above.

Perusing the film’s IMDB page, we can also see the cast includes a dark haired female Audi driver played by Esther Garrel. It seems quite obvious that she’ll be taking on the role of Michèle Mouton. How much Mouton plays into this particular story remains to be seen, but it’s worth noting that Michèle was just returning from the hard-fought 1982 season where Röhrl was her chief rival and narrowly lost the driver’s championship to him even though she’d won more races. Röhrl barely won that title and his Opel Ascona rally car was definitely challenged to match the revolutionary all-wheel drive Audi quattro rally cars. He was looking for an edge when Lancia came calling with the 037, and that’s where this film seems to pick up.

Race for Glory is set to release in theatres on January 5, and possibly on other streaming platforms at that time.

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