Audi RS e-tron GT Avant Rendered in AI

We’d heard a credible rumor once that an Avant version of the e-tron GT / RS e-tron GT had been in the initial planning. Porsche certainly got there with the platform-sharing Taycan Sport Turismo, but thus far Audi hasn’t shown any in kind addition. And given we’re nearly at the mid-lifecycle refreshening of the Taycan and e-tron GT, it’s probably safe to assume an e-tron GT Avant isn’t coming… and that’s a shame.

Since widely available A.I. image generators like Midjourney began appearing last spring, it’s been interesting to watch the machine learning curve of the images produced. Search “Audi e-tron GT” or a derivative of that and you weren’t likely to get something that always looked like an e-tron GT. However, we recently took another stab at it, effectively asking for an RS e-tron GT Avant in golden hour on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue and were amazed with the results.

Minus the slightly larger wheels and perhaps at times lower proportions, not to mention badges that don’t quite say “e-tron”, these photos are surprisingly convincing. The design of the car looks remarkably natural, as if Audi could have built it that way.

Yes, the roof line is pretty low, but then again so is the e-tron GT. It’s not exactly the most specially generous sedan on the market. That’s not why you’d buy one. So, it wouldn’t be surprising that an e-tron GT Avant would be similarly low slung. Even still, this appears lower in most cases than the Taycan Sport Turismo, so perhaps too low for actual production. That’s a shame though, because we bet such a car would make EV adoption considerably more approachable to some of the most EV skeptical traditional car enthusiasts.

These images are a mix of released and as-of-yet unreleased images from @4Rings.AI on Instagram. Check out more renderings of Audi models on that Instagram account HERE.

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