Audi Future Models Roadmap: The Next Q3

Audi’s smallest crossover is also getting a serious overhaul with a planned updated Q3. According to some sources of the website CarScoops, it’s now been effectively paired with the Terramar offering from Spanish brand sibling Cupra (also formerly known as SEAT). Effectively, it’ll share some key hard points and body components to keep costs in line.

Such sharing is relatively new for the VW Group in modern times. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the Q3. As SEAT evolves into Cupra, its product is getting more and more aggressively shaped. Having hard points shared, with key differences at the front, rear and side skirts (the usual “facelift” points), the Q3 could end up a more aggressively packaged car than the current iteration. We’d expect an upgraded interior over the Spanish cousin as well, given Cupra is positioned down market from the Audi brand.

As these cars will still be found on the MQB Evo production matrix, expect similar drivetrain offerings as before. Whether that means more high-performance variants such as the RS Q3 stand to benefit from the same torque splitting rear differential Audi uses in the RS 3 remains to be seen.

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