Audi Future Models Roadmap: SSP, the Future EV Platform from Volkswagen Group

Tech moves fast in the EV industry, and so it’s worth noting that the next evolution and replacement of this not-yet-in-production PPE architecture is already afoot. Known as the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP), this new component matrix is set to replace both the smaller MEB platform that underpins the Q4, and the upcoming PPE models in their next lifecycle.

SSP is said to be even more modular, flexible and highly software defined. And when they say flexible, they aren’t kidding. The rumor is that it will be scalable from the smallest 114-hp city cars to the craziest 1,700 hp supercars – effectively all Volkswagen Group EVs. While the first SSP cars were slated for an initially ambitious 2026 timeframe, delays in software development at Volkswagen Group-based software division Cariad have likely pushed back initial rollout of SSP offerings to a 2029 or 2030 timeframe.

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