Audi exclusive: Magnetic Grey RS e-tron GT

There’s a base of Audi clientele out there who prefer a unique experience over a commodity. They prefer a tailored build over run-of-the-mill dealer inventory. And while we know dealer inventory is often forgettable grey, even amongst the greys you can have standout unique possibilities. Take for example this RS e-tron GT posted recently by Audi AG.

This particular shade is called Magnetic Grey, appearing to be a medium grey not far off of Nimbus Grey made famous on the Mk1 TT, but perhaps with just a bit more blue in it from what we can tell. In this case, the particular RS e-tron GT pictured wears this new paint shade and a few more Audi exclusive enhancements in a highly handsome fashion.

We’re guessing the car was built for the Audi exclusive showroom in Neckarsulm. The photographs appear to be shot at the Audi Forum Neckarsulm, and the extensive tailoring on the inside hints that it’s the same sort of comprehensive Audi exclusive build we tend to expect to see there.

Given the subtlety of the Magnetic Grey exterior, the cockpit gets a bicolor setup with a base of black leather, but accented with very attention-getting Iguana Green leather and stitching.

So what do you think?

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