Audi exclusive Bicolor Design Package for European RS 5

Audi Deutschland, the online presence for Audi’s home market German business, is always a cool source for seeing some “grass is greener” level equipment. For most, such content is simply drool-worthy, but for the most ardent of obscure OEM+ configurations, it can sometimes mean either parts to order piecemeal and add to your American car, or it can inspire you to push the envelope on Audi exclusive ordering. Such is the case with this new Bicolor Design Package Audi Deutschland recently shared on Facebook.

Basically, the package is a two-tone leather configuration with matching contrast stitching. In Germany at least, the Bicolor Design Package is offered in Karmine Red, Iguana Green or Calendula Yellow. While it’s not offered in the USA as a stand alone option as it is in Europe, we suspect you could still spec it should you go down the rabbit hole of tailoring an Audi exclusive interior in your RS 5. In that case, you’re also probably not limited to those three colors.

See more photos released with this post below.

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