Audi A8L Horch Founder Edition 60TFSI Arrives in Chinese Market

  • On March 22, the founder version of the new Audi A8L Horch 60TFSI was officially launched, with a market guide price of 2,076,800 yuan.
  • The new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI is equipped with a 4.0T V8 engine and provides personalized and exclusive customization services. With magnificent power performance and ingenuity customization technology, it creates a modern noble model.
  • With the launch of the new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI, the Audi A8L Horch product lineup has been further upgraded to meet the needs of users for personalized high-end travel with more competitive equipment.

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On March 22, 2024, the new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI was officially launched, with a market guide price of 2,076,800 yuan. The special equipment package of the Year of the Dragon was launched in limited quantities at the same time, further consolidated Audi with a more competitive product lineup. The in-depth layout of the D+ luxury car market.

As a D+ executive flagship car, the new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI is equipped with a 4.0T V8 twin-turbocharged engine, which reshapes the new experience of high-end travel with magnificent power performance and ingenuity customization technology.

The accumulation of century-old car manufacturing technology has created the beauty of V8 machinery.

The luxury gene of the founder’s version of the new Audi A8L Horch 60TFSI has condensed the legendary glory of nearly a hundred years. From the Berlin Auto Show in 1926, Horch launched the Horch 303, Germany’s first luxury car with an in-line 8-cylinder engine, to the launch of the Horch 830 with a V8 engine in 1933, which laid the foundation for Horch. The car has a solid foundation in the top luxury car market. Today, the ingenuity and refinement of nearly a hundred years of internal combustion technology have created the beauty of the new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI.

The new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI is equipped with a V-type 8-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine code-named EA825, which is jointly developed by Audi and Porsche and used in Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Audi RS models. The engine integrates twin-turbocharged, COD closed-cylinder technology, mid-top fuel injection, ANC active noise control and other technologies, with a maximum power of 338 kilowatts (460 horsepower) and can maintain 660 in the speed range of 1850 rpm to 4500 rpm. The peak torque output of N·m. The powerful engine is matched with the 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, bringing an extraordinary driving experience. With the support of the quattro full-time four-wheel drive system with self-locking central differential, the acceleration time of 100 kilometers only takes 4.8 seconds, bringing users a magnificent power output and an exclusive driving experience to calmly cope with various road conditions. This is not only the inheritance and tribute to the classics, but also the reshaping of the future luxury.

Inherit the royal car bloodline and recreate a model of elegance and dignity.

In the last century, Horch has launched several classic models, including the 830, 850 and 930, each of which is extraordinary and favored by the royal aristocracy and is well-known in Europe. This classic and elegant design element has gone through time and has been perfectly inherited on the founder version of the new Audi A8L Horch 60TFSI.

In addition to the classic color, the new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI body color matching adds carbon age brown color matching. The tone is taken from the brown volcanic rock formed in the Carboniferous period. With the natural color achieved by 358 million years of geological evolution, it has witnessed the derivation and evolution of all things in time, highlighting the special It belongs to the magnificent aura of the car. The exclusive air intake grille looks very wide and three-dimensional, from the classic and exquisite chrome-plated decoration to the right line proportion on the side of the car body, exuding a powerful momentum from the inside out.

The “H” crown logo in the C-pillar position is not only a tribute to the classics, but also the inheritance of the spirit of Mr. August Horsi. This pursuit of perfection, the founder’s spirit that breaks the boundary, has been refined in time and space, and still resonates with the value builders in the current era, reflecting the identity and taste of the car owner. Not only that, the founder version of the new Audi A8L Horch 60TFSI enjoys 4 two-color appearance customization services, and supports private personalized and exclusive customization in D-pillar triangle windows, welcome pedals, floor lights, headrests and other positions, for the founder of the new Audi A8L Horch. The version 60TFSI injects a unique temperament to create a unique car with honor and personality for each car owner, highlighting the unique charm of high-end customization.

The exclusive design language is not only reflected in the appearance design, but also the interior layout is also elaborate. The modern and simple design style is matched with the two-color interior of Havana brown and white jade white, which highlights the extraordinary style and taste of the owner with an elegant and noble unique temperament. The diamond-shaped stitch design at the front and rear seats and doors is matched with the “Horch” exclusive logo of the central armrest, waist, threshold and other parts, with rigorous craftsmanship. With exquisite and elegant details, it comprehensively improves the user’s perception of dignity.

The new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI is equipped with front and rear digital light sets, which perfectly integrates historical inheritance and modern technology. Digital matrix LED headlights can interact with car owners, passengers and pedestrians in real time through lighting, bringing users a new driving experience. The rear penetrating digital OLED taillights work closely with the advanced driver assistance system, which can realize the close warning function, which has excellent recognition and further improves safety.

Create a palace-level enjoyment space and reshape the high-end travel experience

The founder version of the new Audi A8L Horch 60TFSI adheres to Mr. Hoshi’s car manufacturing philosophy and creates a palace-level luxury space. The new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI seat is equipped with Wagner leather. The leather is selected from the top materials in southern Germany. The tanning technology maximizes the natural texture and aroma of the leather, showing the perfect integration of elegance and nature. Not only the seats, but also the new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI uses a large area of Wagner leather in the dashboard, central armrest and door handle, etc., and injects luxury into every detail. In addition to seat heating, the front and rear door handles and central armrests are also equipped with heating function to create a warm and comfortable driving environment for users.

The independent rear seats have double cushioning filler and 8 different massage modes, with foot massage and heating functions, which delicately integrates comfort into the travel experience. The Bang & Olufsen advanced 3D sound system has 23 speakers and hidden liftable acoustic prisms, with exquisite technologies such as double-layer acoustic glass and noise compensation to create an immersive listening feast for users. The new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI is also equipped with summer and winter fragrances modulated by the international top fragrance masters, with warm and cold emotional fragrance, which makes every inch of breath relaxed and happy. At the same time, through the cooperation of air conditioners, compressors, ion generators, Audi aromatic equipment units and air filters, the concentration of negative ions can be as high as 40,000/cm3, creating a natural fragrance comparable to the rainforest level. In addition, the matrix LED reading lights, rear folding tables, car refrigerators, thick velvet carpets at the bottom, and Dinamica ceilings that can accurately control the focus of them create an elegant and calm high-end private space for users.

After the reshaping of time and space, it has been interpreted to a new realm. The launch of the new Audi A8L Horch founder version 60TFSI not only means the upgrading of Audi A8L Horch product lineup, but also reflects Audi’s inheritance and innovation of more than 100 years of luxury car manufacturing skills, as well as the exploration and prospect of a beautiful vision of high-end travel in the future. In the future, Audi will continue to uphold the spirit of founders, forward-looking technology and enterprising spirit, and expand the new realm of personalized high-end travel.

Market guide price of the new Audi A8L HORCH model:

Vehicle typeGuide price (RMB: RMB)
New Audi A8L Horch Founder Edition 60TFSI2,076,800
New Audi A8L Horch Founder Edition 55TFS1300,000

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