Alpine Volks Fair

By: George Achorn, photos by: Sam Dobbins and Joshua Schultheis

Holding a German car event in the area around Helen, the Germanic town nestled in the mountains of northern Georgia, has been the vision of many… and to a varied degree of success. Harkening of Austria’s Wörthersee were always the goal and for 2022, the newly minted Alpine Volks Fair was the latest.

“Laid back and chill” is the descriptor for so many enthusiast shows that it can often come off as a punchline. One could say Alpine Volks Fair made it a mantra. With this event there was no central car show at all, just a collection of “micro-events” and meets throughout the region.

The trick to making the model work is attracting a crowd, and that appears to have happened. Hanging out and socializing for a weekend amidst the backdrop was a compelling offer… and so too were the roads.

Where this goes from here? Without central organization of gatherings, time will tell. Vendors may not know what to make of it, and the crowd could get unruly as it has for others in this space. Then again, if folks (volks? – ed.) can keep their cool, it could just offer a little something for everyone.

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