Abt XGT: The R8 Audi Didn’t Have the Guts to Make!

This collection of wings and carbonfibre might be the purest expression of a ‘race car for the road’ since the McLaren F1 LM.

Why? Because it’s not a road car that does a decent job on a circuit, like an Aston Martin Valkyrie. Nor is it a road car turned track car, a la the Ferrari FXX-K. Instead, this is a proper race car with number plates. And it’s no one-off either, as ABT plan to build 99. At over £600k a pop…

It is an ABT too, because the work done to legalise this R8 LMS GT2 is so extensive that it no longer wears an Audi VIN plate – ABT is certified as the manufacturer. Rightly so, because to jump through the strict hoops demanded for German TÜV certification took Abt two years. We’re not just talking indicators and number plates either – they’ve had to crash test one of these. Twice.

Is it still a race car? Is it now any good on the road? TG’s Head of Car Testing, Ollie Marriage, is your guide…

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