Event: 2022 SEMA Show

November marked the arrival of the annual SEMA Show, the trade show that hosts the automotive aftermarket industry including parts manufacturers, tuners, and more. Like many automotive shows, SEMA had been challenged over the last few years of the pandemic and whether or not it would emerge was certainly a question.

Going into SEMA Show week, news of companies including Ford and General Motors choosing not to take part set expectations lower than expected. Many car brands are foregoing car shows in general since the pandemic. Even still, SEMA isn’t just a car show. Yes, there are large numbers of heavily modified show cars that are the stars, but the assembling of the major players in the aftermarket space is also integral to this segment of the industry.

As per usual, Audi isn’t a brand that displays at SEMA. Nevertheless, key players such as 034Motorsport, APR, Integrated Engineering, Toyo, XPEL, BBS, KW, and more do display with an even greater number in attendance to network and do business while in town.

Like the list of participants, the show car presence here is decidedly focused on high growth segments such as trucks and off-road, though the wide mix of vendors assures there’s always something to see for most any brand enthusiast.

Of course, there were a number of Audi models. The four-ring emphasis at SEMA is heavily focused on recent offerings. Several e-tron GTs could be found, a pair of RS 6s fielded by Pacific German, an RS 7 by Integrated Engineering, and a lifted e-tron SUV from Adventvre Series. Motorsport was also a theme with an RS 3 featuring LMS bodywork from Attacking the Clock Racing at the Toyo Treadpass and an R8 GT4 seriously augmented by Iroz Motorsport. On the wild side was a Hemi-powered “No Prep Kings” S5 dragster by Daddy Dave, while Ken Block’s “Turbo Monster” Sport quattro represented the vintage Audi world.

There’s no question SEMA is back strong in the post-pandemic world. No, it’s not as big as it once was, but it’s clear that the industry sees value regarding in-person gatherings and a grand stage from which to show the most incredible builds.

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