1937 Wanderer W25K Set to Auction with Gooding in California

It’s rare when a pre-war Auto Union product of any sort comes up for sale in the United States. Obscure in Europe, they’re über rare here, and particularly notable when they come on the market. One of the more desirable models of this era from the defunct Wanderer brand is the W25K Roadster, and we’ve just confirmed there’s an original condition example set to go up for auction in California.

In conjunction with the Mullen Automotive Museum, Gooding & Company plan an auction for April 25 at the museum in Oxnard, California. The sale will offer a selection of cars without reserve, housing each of the cars at the museum.

Lot #33 of the auction is the 1937 Wanderer W25K in unrestored condition. The W25K is appreciated by collectors not just for its handsome roadster body style, but also its supercharged engine designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. This car, chassis #180223, was formerly part of the Schlumpf Reserve Collection.

Check out more information on the Gooding Mullin Auction HERE, or go directly to the Lot 33 page HERE for more information and high-resolution photos of the Wanderer.

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