034Motorsport B9 SQ5 First to 10 Second 1/4

source: 034Motorsport

034Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning for the EA839 3.0T Engine in the S4, S5, & SQ5 delivers the best experience of smooth drivability, perfect function, reliability, and added functionality and features beyond what the factory programming can provide. 034Motorsport’s Hardware and Software engineers are dedicated to pushing the envelope of what’s possible on the B9 platform and have done just that with every Hardware and Software product we sell.

In October 2021 when the 034Motorsport B9 S4 was the first to the 10s in the quarter mile, we began to wonder: What about its bigger brother?

Since our EA839 3.0T Development began, we have cross-developed our software for both S4/S5, and SQ5, utilizing our own in-house 2018 SQ5 to further refine our tuning and develop a full catalog of transformative hardware and software upgrades.

Our goal from the start was to maintain the versatility and everyday functionality of the SQ5, while enhancing its performance and capabilities in all possible areas. On stock turbocharger utilizing our Stage 1 E85 ECU and Stage 2 TCU software, we managed a respectable 11.80 @114.5 MPH in full street trim. While this may be fast enough for most, we wanted to push the envelope further.

With the addition of our Stage 3 TTE710 ECU and TCU tuning, the B9 SQ5 kept the same great versatility and functionality and added an additional 210HP & 104TQ over its previous output on Stage 2 E85. This incredible leap in performance is achievable today with our publicly available Hardware and Dynamic+ Software offerings.


While we plan to visit a proper drag strip to run this car, we tested the car here on a private closed course using Dragy (accurate to .02 seconds % .02 MPH, GPS Verified)

In 933ft DA and 64*F Weather, we broke the 10-second threshold with a 10.95 @ 126.20 MPH run! With this run, we locked in the World’s Quickest and Fastest recorded ¼ mile time for a B9 SQ5!

Time: 10.95 @ 126.20 MPH

Density Altitude: +933FT

Ambient Air Temperature: 64*F

Specs & Modifications:

  • 2018 Audi SQ5 Prestige, 80k miles, Stock Engine, Full Weight/Full Interior + OEM Tow Hitch
  • 034Motorsport Stage 3 ECU and TCU (E60 file, tested at E58)
  • TTE710 Upgraded Turbocharger
  • 4 Bar MAP Sensors
  • 034Motorsport X34 Intake + Pre-Production SüperDüper Turbo Inlet
  • 034Motorsport Pre-Production High-Pressure Fuel Pump
  • 034Motorsport Pre-Production Res-X Resonator Delete
  • Wagner Catted Downpipe
  • Wagner Intercooler
  • 034Motorsport Pre-Production Street Density Engine Mounts
  • 034Motorsport Street Density Trans Mounts
  • 034Motorsport Trans, Diff, and Subframe inserts
  • 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Lowering Links (set to 10mm of lowering)
  • 034Motorsport ZTF-R01 21×10 Wheels on 295/35/21 Michelin PS4S Tires
  • 034Motorsport 2-Piece Rotors Front and Rear

Weight Reduction (or lack-there-of):

In the interest of testing in real-world conditions, no additional weight was removed from the vehicle through any removal/reduction of components. There is an estimated weight savings of ~22lbs with our 2-Piece Directional Rotors, ~10lbs with our Res-X Resonator Delete, and ~40lbs with our 21” ZTF-R01 Forged Wheels + tires, totaling ~10lbs of static weight reduction and ~62lbs of rotational weight reduction. However, the addition of the thicker 034Motorsport Sway Bar Kit & Billet Aluminum End Links, 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Strut Tower Brace, Large Wagner Intercooler, OEM Factory Tow Hitch, and a consortium of Billet Aluminum inserts, and the fuel tank being at 2/3rds full, we feel that the weight of this vehicle is very representative of what the average SQ5 would weigh in normal street conditions.

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