Intel: Audi RS Q6 e-tron Update

That there’s going to be an RS Q6 isn’t exactly new news. We’ve published both intel and also spy photos of test mules numerous times in the past, but some new rumor/intel stories along with some green renderings by other publications are circulating in the press, so we wanted to summarize what we’re hearing. We also took that as an opportunity to create our own rendering, this time modifying a Q6 design sketch by adding what we are guessing is the latest RS design language trim.

First, there’s a report from AutoCar Magazine HERE. According to their sources, the RS Q6 e-tron will be much more sporting in both appearance and power than the rather sleeper-looking SQ6 e-tron, consistent with the current differentiation between current models like the internal combustion SQ8 and RS Q8.

While the SQ6 e-tron weighs in at 483 bhp, the RS Q6 is expected to match up with the more powerful electric Porsche Macan Turbo that has 621 bhp and boasts a 0-62 mph in 3.3 seconds. However, in order to differentiate form the car’s Porsche sibling, the RS Q6 is said to have a bit more of a luxury focus.

Interestingly, both the Q6/SQ6 and Macan has yet to offer a ti-motor setup like the SQ8 that can torque vector the outer rear wheel in order to improve handling on the edge and even induce throttle-on-oversteer. It remains unclear whether any offering on the Volkswagen Group’s PPE architecture (that underpins the Macan, Q6 and even upcoming A6 e-tron) will get a third motor.

Exterior changes for the RS Q6 e-tron are expected to match more recent RS models, cars like RS e-tron GT and the RS Q8 that have both been revealed in the last two weeks. This would mean more aggressive fender flares, fascia, grille and RS treatment inside as well, perhaps including the squared off RS steering wheel of those models.

Of course, there’ll also be a Sportback. That body style hasn’t been introduced yet in any Q, S or RS forms of the Q6, but it’s coming and we’ve published photos of it before. More recently, Audi showed darkened images of the car’s profile as a teaser at a recent meeting that have also circled around the web.

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