Audi Q9 SUV Rumors Swirl out of Australia

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard mention of a future big SUV from Audi. However, it is the first time we’re hearing of executives teasing of the name “Q9” to be associated with the model. Sure, maybe that’s a foregone conclusion as the Q7 is Audi’s largest at this time and we know odd numbers will stick with internal combustion models, but it’s still worth sharing the news.

Back in April, Audi design boss Marc Lichte hinted at what may be the same model. In Lichte’s case, the design boss is on record as saying, “I’m a big fan of really rugged SUVs. There’s potential for us because there are only two premium players– I think there’s space for a third. Lichte alluded that some of the activesphere’s details could make it into the design, things like its flared wheel arches and toothed side sills. With our history of quattro and rally successes in the ‘80s and ‘90s, it will not look like a copy of the Defender, I can promise you,” he is quoted.

Now, just this week, Audi Australia’s director Jeff Mannering spoke a bit about the model to and reportedly responded with a smile when the reporter suggested “Q9 has a nice ring to it”.

“Yeah it does” was reportedly his response.

However, the story also hinted at competition being something more like the BMW X7. However, the X7 is more luxo-barge than the hardcore G-Wagen style off-roader that Lichte referenced. Frankly, we can see an argument for either. Audi-managed Bentley already has the Bentayga SUV as a staple in its lineup and Porsche has signaled its own desire for a large vehicle that would pit in against the X7 (that itself is also used to underpin its own Rolls-Royce corporate sibling’s offering). That said, a hardcore off-roader G-Wagen or Defender competitor might be more in keeping with Audi’s rallying pedigree whether that is WRC in the ’80s or Dakar today.

Time will tell. Last time we ran this story we ran a more boxy off-roader looking 4Rings.AI generated rendering. This time around we’re showing something decidedly more luxo-barge. Whatever the case, we’re curious to see where the new model goes.

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