Want to Work for Audi F1? We Found the Job Listings

Just in case you haven’t heard (stated in sarcastic tone), Audi is working to field an F1 team. The process has been massive, seeing Audi end or shutter motorsport projects for Le Mans, Dakar and customer racing as it ramps up for perhaps its most ambitious racing program ever.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that Audi aims to be in full four ring fighting form by the 2026 season. Audi aims to take advantage of a whole new F1 car spec to launch its first car and its first engine, leaving its now purchased Sauber racing team operating as-is through that time.

At the same time, they’ve been building a team, from their first driver hire with Nico Hulkenberg to key support staff. And while star F1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr. is rumored to be prepared to confirm whether he has taken his own offer at Audi in the coming days, it should be noted that there are many more job roles that need filling at Audi Formula Racing GmbH.

We’ve dug up a link to the listings, and figured we’d share… just in case you have an unused engineering degree or the like laying about on your LinkedIn resume. Check it out HERE.

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